WishTree – First Prize SBCloud Hackathon 2016

First Prize SBCloud Hackathon 2016
Team: Tung D. Ta, Nghia Trung Truong, Khiem Binh Nguyen, Byambajav Namsraijav

Christmas is the time for giving gifts. Especially from parents to their kids. However, it is quite difficult to know exactly what your kids want for the holiday. Here, we proposed an interactive device that can talk to your kids about their gifts. And then the device can send you, the parents, those wish (with some information about how to fulfill it) so that you can consider to buy it as a gift for your kids.


  1. Your kid comes in front of our device
  2. Our device detects that there is a human standing in front of it
  3. Our device automatically turns on, showing Christmas themed holographic (Santa Claus, for example)
  4. Your kid has a conversation with the character in the holographic, telling it what he/she wants for Christmas
  5. Our device might search for those gifts on Amazon, and send you, the parents, the wish of your kid, along with information it collected from the search engine.


  • A laptop to run the AI and projecting holographic
  • A laser-cut acrylic tetrahedral to show the holographic imagery project from the laptop
  • A sensing module running on Arduino UNO to detect human presence.


  • 3D hologram display technique: Pepper’s Ghost (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepper%27s_ghost)
  • 3D game using Unity
  • Human motion detector using Arduino
  • Chatbot using Facebook API
  • Speech recognition & Synthesis
  • 3D design & fabrication with a laser cutter

Repository: https://github.com/tatung/sbcloud-wish-tree

Acrylic tetraheral for showing projection mapping holographic

Human detection module

Real objects to put into the tetrahedral for projection mapping

Snowing holographic on Santa Claus figures

Projection mapping of snowing holographic

Random pattern projection mapping holographic